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I'm a sweet young cat who got adopted into a nice home in Spokane back in August of 2005. I love to pounce on my older sister and have earned the nickname "The Terror of Cannon Street" because I get into trouble a lot.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Everyone's home!

My Daddy was gone for 2 weeks, and then my Mom left for 4 days, too. It was weird not having anyone around. I just bothered my sister and ate all the cat food that was left behind, but there was no one to show off my jumping and climbing skills to! Luckily Mom came back yesterday, and Daddy came back today, so I've been running all over the place and jumping on things in my excitement. Naturally I wore myself out, and since Daddy was finally back, we got to use his lap for sleeping!

Me and my sister relaxing on Daddy.

My sister always tells me I'm dirty, so since we were both comfortable on Daddy's lap, she started cleaning me.

Still cleaning me.

I've had enough, and decided it was time to do some biting!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I love jumping!

I have discovered that I'm a really good jumper! I love to try to jump up on things, and yesterday I hit the jackpot!! I was in the bathroom with my mom because I like to sit on the sink and drink from the faucet while she puts a brush in her mouth and it gets all foamy. But this time I kept looking up and thinking about the top of the medicine cabinet. I thought to myself that it looked like I'd be able to jump right on top of it if I tried really hard. So I concentrated really hard, judged the distance and BOOM! I was on top of the medicine cabinet just like that!

The light, it's so bright and I don't understand why.

So this is what it looks like in the shower from high up! I like to watch my mom take a shower because I just can't understand why she would deliberately stand in all that water!

I thought maybe I could get down this way, but I was wrong.

Here I'm telling mom that I don't want to get down and that she should leave me alone. She didn't listen, though. Parents just don't understand!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Shoes and Sausages

First the shoes:
Daddy's shoe was threatening me with menacing glances, so I had to teach it a lesson and give it a bunch of bites!

And now the sausage:

My mom named me Jojo, but my parents also call me a 'little sausage' because I like to stretch out when I sleep sometimes. I just hate it when my daddy tries to bite me!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

You want to know where I got my crazy from? Here's your answer!

Check out my Crazy Dad! When I see him do stuff like this, it makes me want to be even more crazy and go bite things!!

My Daddy has a dirty mouth!

My Dad playing guitar and rocking out.

More new pictures of me!

My parents say I'm not as crazy as I used to be, and that they're glad I've calmed down a lot. I say I've still got lots of biting and running around to do, but I'm starting to realize that sometimes it's okay to slow down a little. So here's what I've been up to lately:

my Dad had to take a look at the phone jack upstairs, so naturally I had to be a good kitty and help him out. I don't know why he got so upset about it!

I've also decided to try and do some yoga. My sister does yoga sometimes and she suggested I try it to calm me down. I call this position "the armadillo".

Mom got this picture of me in one of my wide-open big eye moments right before I go crazy and try to bite something.