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I'm a sweet young cat who got adopted into a nice home in Spokane back in August of 2005. I love to pounce on my older sister and have earned the nickname "The Terror of Cannon Street" because I get into trouble a lot.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Blog Address

Mom told me that with the new kitten she doesn't have the time to do separate blogs for all of us now, and that we'd all have to share a blog. I don't like this at all, but since she's the one with opposable thumbs, I'm forced to go along with it. Sounds like I'm going to have to bite my Mommy!

Anyway, from now on, all my latest adventures can be found at A Trinity Of Cats. There's already a video up of me kicking Copper's ass because she had the nerve to attack my tail!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Not The Youngest Anymore!

Oh. My. God. When Mom came home, I thought I was going to get fed right away as usual. Instead, she thrust THIS into my face!

What the hell? I couldn't believe it! I've been keeping my eyes on this little creature the entire time, and it smells kind of like a cat, it acts kind of like a cat, but it's really tiny! It even growled at me!

I can't believe it slept on my Mom's neck! I'm going to follow it around until I know what the hell is going on! She better not grow a huge, beautiful, fluffy tail like mine! Although I overheard my Mom say that even though it was a kitten, it still wasn't as soft as me, so that made me feel better.